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“Disruption” is the new buzzword, but what does it really mean?
"Reinvention with Intention"
For ATD Central Oklahoma’s State Conference, it means getting creative – and maybe a little out of your comfort zone – in gaining and applying ATD’s competencies and knowledge areas. You’ll start the day energized by Betsy Allen-Manning’s take on leadership and collaboration (see related TEDx Talk here), and then spend the day networking, learning, and participating.  3.75 CEUs HRCI SHRM

Tuesday, November 13   8am - 4:15pm

Moore Norman Technology S. Penn Campus

We’ve even disrupted the usual conference-style schedule, so keep checking back for details! 

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For more information, please contact our Conference Chair, Macy Garcia at macy.garcia@integrisok.com

Conference Speakers:

Bucky Dodd - The Learning and Development “Start-Up”

Learning and development teams frequently struggle to communicate their value proposition as a critical function of their organization. This workshop explores techniques learning and development leaders can use to quickly create business value while reinforcing learning and development as a strategic component of organizational performance and growth. Participants will apply a “start-up” mindset to common workplace learning and performance scenarios and use visual strategy tools to focus their strategy, communicate their value proposition, and deliver results.

Erin Greilick - Peak Performance: Break through the Disruption 

We instinctively strive to excel and look for ways to push our performance to the next level, evidenced by performance management systems, technological advances, and perpetually rising expectations. But are we really working smarter, or just harder? Discover what neuroscience says about performance. This research-based approach disrupts the traditional and often complacent ways we think about performance, asking the question…“Could you be setting yourself up to fail, leaving your best performance untapped and unrealized?”. Explore current assumptions and norms regarding maximizing work performance and its intimate connection to brain function. Discover the impact of current practices and social norms on performance. Consider a more purposeful way to approach your work and personal life, and learn practical tactics to achieve and maintain your peak

Steve Laswell - Leaders Create Space: Transform Disruption into Clarity for Life and Work

You can’t avoid the disruptions in life and business, but you can transform your response from something happened “to you” to something happened “for you”. Do that, and you will enjoy greater success personally and professionally. Based on his new book by the same name, this session will unpack Steve’s coaching philosophy and will allow you to:
+Write the story you want to tell
+Explore the three creations of leadership so you can think and act differently, in order to improve yourself
+Learn how to experience breakthrough performance at work and in life
Come ready to engage in the coaching conversation and be encouraged to push into your full potential.

Amber Vanderberg - Culture of a High Performing Team 

In June of 2016 I traded the office for a muddy field and my heels for a pair of dirty cleats as I went to become the only female, only American, only Christian, and only blonde football coach for the Adidas Gameday Academy/Paris Saint Germain Academy to coach widely the first generation of athletes in Bangalore, India on both an elite and grassroots level. Our Academy had embraced a command-obey philosophy of lines, laps, and lectures that transferred poorly in game and development scenarios. This is a tale of how we transformed our Academy from lines, laps, and lectures to cultivating a culture of creativity,
                                                                  collaboration, and captainship which led to higher engagement and performance, improved recruitment and retention,
                                                                  and true leadership development.

John Storm Game - Changers 911: How to Change the Game in Your World 

Do you want to “change the game” in your company or disrupt your industry?

There are BIG rewards for people who challenge the status quo. Innovators and disruptors are never content with slow, incremental growth. They thrive on shaking things up, re-arranging the game board, and re-writing the rules of the game. In this workshop, we’ll use a sampling of case studies, tools, techniques, and strategic stories to help you identify game-changing opportunities within your company and industry, and then brainstorm ways to capitalize on these ideas.

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