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August 2019 ATD Board Meeting Minutes

25 Aug 2019 12:37 PM | Betty Merritt



OK Dept of Mental Health 2000 N. Classen Blvd.  (east/middle buiilding) 6th floor 


Call to Order

  •   ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
  •   Attendee Names
  •   Macy Garcia, Betty Merritt, Kyle Suchy, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, Beverly Glover, Jeremiah Shaw, Carrie Folger, Susan Donnelly
  • Attendees Not Present
  • Paula Hanger, Michael Dickerson, Jodi Hinkle

Approval of Previous Minutes
No previous minutes

Membership – Carrie provided report 7 new members this month

Finances – Marina provided report – Stable financials

Programming – Jeremiah provided report – Will have info on September speaker by Monday.  Has speakers lined up through January after that.

Volunteer & Outreach – BJ provided report.  Got quite a few toiletries donated at last meeting.  Will take pictures when she delivers

Technology – Macy reports on new job listings and need to take over access to the administration of all ATD email accounts etc…


ATD Board Title Change and Role Definition Change -Macy Proposed, Susan seconded, unanimous approval

VP Finances – Financial/Operational role

VP Membership – Takes on the financial side of membership

VP of Engagement – Replaces director of technology role. Does outreach to build membership and add value for members.  

2020 Slate - BJ Proposed, Susan seconded, unanimous approval

President – Joy Dyer

President Elect – Jodi Hinkle

Past President – Betty Merritt

VP Finance – Marina Knoll

VP Technology – Macy Garcia

VP Membership – Susan Donnelley

VP Outreach and Volunteer Development – BJ Glover

VP Communication – Michael Dickerson

VP Programming – Jeremiah Shaw

VP Engagement – Dwain Stark

New Business
Hire to clean up back side of Wild Apricot?  Will review and discuss at next board meeting

Auto Renewal for membership notices not going out – Macy will look into Wild Apricot settings and try to fix

Carrie would like 5 new plastic totes to hold all swag and keep it clean

Other Business
2020 Conference – Joy presented some information.  Will discuss at next board meeting

Homework for board – Look at last year’s member survey and email Joy edits for this year.

List out all duties and prepare to share at next board meeting.

Joy will email possible dates for early November board meeting.



(Signature & Date)

  Betty A. Merritt   8/25/2019

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