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January 2018 Board Minutes

23 Jan 2018 4:40 PM | Anonymous


Call to Order

  • §  ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
  • §  Attendee Names
  • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Lynn Knight, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, BJ Glover, Carrie Folger, Paula Hanger, Macy Garcia
  • §  Members Not Present
  • o   Kyle Suchy

Lynn—motioned to vote on approval of 2018 budget; BJ seconded the motion.

          Vote—all approved 2018 budget.

Lisa—motioned to nominate herself as VP of Conference Committee; BJ seconded the motion.

          Vote—all approved Lisa as VP of Conference Committee.

BJ—motioned to nominate herself as a “special projects VP” – VP of Outreach; Lisa seconded the motion.

          Vote—all approved BJ as VP of Outreach – roles/responsibilities to be written.

Brent—motioned to vote to raise price at door for nonregistered attendees to $35; BJ seconded the motion.


Betty—motioned to vote to raise non-member price to $25; no second (tabled).

New Business

  •       Brent presented the operational plan for 2018
  •      Assignment: each member will write at least 2 goals and a list of action items for themselves.
  •       Betty presented 2018 budget plan; approved (see vote).

Other Business

  •    Review of ATD bylaws, ATD Nat’l competency model, and board roles and responsibilities including fiduciary      responsibilities.
  •    Review CARE requirements



(Signature & Date)

Marina Knoll 1/23/2018

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