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COC-ATD 2018 Board Minutes

  • 28 Sep 2018 2:20 PM | Betty Merritt (Administrator)



    Thursday, Sept 20


    05:30 PM


    3520 NW 58th St A-100


    Call to Order

    • §  ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Macy Garcia, Betty Merritt, Kyle Suchy, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, Beverly Glover
    • §  Attendees Not Present
    • o   Brent Rempe, Lynn Knight, Paula Hanger

    Approval of Previous Minutes
    No previous minutes

    Betty/Macy - ALC Conference up to now

    Finances – Paula provided Financial report



    2019 Slate  Betty Proposed, Jodi seconded, board approved.

    President – Betty Merritt

    President Elect – Joy Dyer

    Past President – Kyle Suchy

    VP Finance – Marina Knoll

    Director Finance – Paula Hanger

    VP Technology – Jodi Hinkle

    VP Membership – Carrie Folger

    VP Talent Management/Volunteers – BJ Glover

    VP Communication – Susan Donnelly

    VP Programming – Jeremiah Shaw

    Director Technology – Michael Dickerson

    Buying of trail mix for swag bag

    BJ proposed, Macy seconded, board approved

    New Business
    After hours gatherings i.e. brewery tours; Thunder night

    Other Business
    Board transparency – State of the Board report at member meetings

    Meeting locations discussion

              Based on member survey – Two locations chosen for 2019


    (Signature & Date)


  • 27 Aug 2018 3:30 PM | Betty Merritt (Administrator)


    Integris Human Resources


    Call to Order

    §  ATD Board Meeting

    §  Attendee Names

    Betty Merritt, Marina Knoll, Macy Garcia, BJ Glover, Joy Dyer, Jodi Hinkle

    §  Members Not Present

    Carrie Folger, Paula Hanger, Kyle Suchy




           Stuffing party - BJ to plan

           Trail mix ~$200


           Macy moved to vote to approve trail mix

           Betty seconded

           All approved

           BJ to order water bottles/labels

           Food - Betty

           Lunch - Ted’s

           Breakfast - Panera

           Snack - Panera


           Committee lead - Jeremiah

           Sponsor price sheet

           Sponsor marketing flyer

           Deadline for accepting sponsors - mid to late October


           150 Programs - BJ to contact

           Signs for each room and speaker - Macy



           Breakouts (6 including keynote)

           Rapid Fires (6) - TBD

           Jodi - eLearning


           BJ moved to vote to approve speakers

           Macy seconded

           All approve


           Come back to big room

           At least 3 microphones

           Put questions in a bowl during snack break

           Plant questions/audience members

    Other Business

            Social Media

           Set up new Facebook - Macy


           LinkedIn - Jodi

           Joy to research locations for Conference Networking Event

           Brent has resigned; Betty acting as Board President

           Revamp monthly surveys




    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 8/27/2018

  • 17 May 2018 6:05 PM | Betty Merritt (Administrator)


    Call to Order

    • §  ATD Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Carrie Folger, BJ Glover, Macy Garcia, Marina Knoll
    • §  Members Not Present
    • o   Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Joy Dyer, Paula Hangar, Kyle Suchy Lynn Knight



    • ·       RFP Collection (Macy)
    • ·       Collateral (Jodi/Macy)
    • ·       SWAG (BJ) – pending logo
    • BJ presented SWAG package for $3,897.53
      • Brent – Motion to approve SWAG, Betty seconded, ALL APPROVE!
      • BJ to put together final quote/proof
    • ·       Other updates

    Theme – Modern Art Theme

    Registration opens end of May (tentative)

              Betty/Paula to set up payment process

    CARE Discussion—Betty 

    • ·       CARE requirements distributed/assigned to members
    • Membership—Carrie
      • 35 joint members out of 79 total members
      • Email sent out to dormant members
    •  Technology—Macy
      • Members only page ready for initiation
      • Macy and Marina to meet about Members Only Page
    • Finance—Betty
      • Making transition to WildApricot payment system from PayPal
      • Transitioning to Gmail accounts for board members
      • Big orgs renewing employee memberships: OMES, OU
      • 31,000 down from 34,000
    • Outreach—BJ
      • Macy or Betty will send Logo to BJ
      • CEO (Center for Employment Opportunities) will collect Men’s clothing
        • BJ to send blurb to Macy
      • July 17 – ATD for high schoolers
        • BJ to send details to Brent
    • Communication—Marina
      • Marina will resend out Blogpost rotation schedule
      • Lisa’s blogpost in save-the-date email (send to Macy)




    Before Sept 1


    Sept 1-Oct 31


    Nov 1 and after

    See SWAG section

    Other Business

    New Board Member timeline (actionable goals)

              Carrie to put together timeline for timeline

    Website How-To

    Board Member Contacts (buddies)


    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 5/22/2018

  • 28 Feb 2018 7:30 PM | Betty Merritt (Administrator)


    Call to Order

    • §  ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, Carrie Folger, Paula Hanger, Macy Garcia, Kyle Suchy
    • §  Members Not Present
    • o   Lynn Knight, BJ Glover


    • Membership—Carrie
      • New meeting location (NW Library) brought new faces to ATD
      • Currently 46 power members
    • Technology—Jodi/Macy
      • See New Business section
      • Website looks GOOD!
    • Programming—Joy
      • March--Amy Morgan--Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
      • April--Michael Dickerson
      • May--Donna Renda
      • Offer headshots or other benefits for speakers?
    • Finance—Paula
      • Update on monthly fees
      • Upcoming expenses: WildApricot and Taxes
    • Marketing--Brent on behalf of Lynn
      • Sponsoring luncheons, booth setup at lunch meetings
    • Outreach—Brent on behalf of Beverly
      • Volunteer page on website--organizations that align with our mission
      • Interview apparel clothing drive
    • Communication—Marina
      • Update on annual report
      • Monthly blog posts instead of newsletter--all board members to contribute (rotate)
    • Conference—Lisa
      • Keynote feedback--Betsy Allen Manning leading
      • Online RFP forms for breakouts
      • Swag--BJ and Macy
    • CARE--Brent & Betty
      • Submitted 2017 CARE package; will get score within next few weeks

    Brent motioned to vote to approve budget. Lisa seconded that motion. All approved.

    New Business

    • Betty & Carrie to meet to go over online membership interface
    • Carrie & Joy to produce power membership pamphlets/welcome packets
    • Jodi & Macy to change login icon on website
    • Jodi to add board page to about us page
    • GoDaddy--change email links for board members
    • Look into social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…)

    Other Business

    Brent/Kyle requested polling the Conference Committee members for their input on keynote candidates.       


    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 2/27/2018

  • 23 Jan 2018 5:40 PM | Macy Garcia (Administrator)


    Call to Order

    • §  ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Lynn Knight, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, BJ Glover, Carrie Folger, Paula Hanger, Macy Garcia
    • §  Members Not Present
    • o   Kyle Suchy

    Lynn—motioned to vote on approval of 2018 budget; BJ seconded the motion.

              Vote—all approved 2018 budget.

    Lisa—motioned to nominate herself as VP of Conference Committee; BJ seconded the motion.

              Vote—all approved Lisa as VP of Conference Committee.

    BJ—motioned to nominate herself as a “special projects VP” – VP of Outreach; Lisa seconded the motion.

              Vote—all approved BJ as VP of Outreach – roles/responsibilities to be written.

    Brent—motioned to vote to raise price at door for nonregistered attendees to $35; BJ seconded the motion.


    Betty—motioned to vote to raise non-member price to $25; no second (tabled).

    New Business

    •       Brent presented the operational plan for 2018
    •      Assignment: each member will write at least 2 goals and a list of action items for themselves.
    •       Betty presented 2018 budget plan; approved (see vote).

    Other Business

    •    Review of ATD bylaws, ATD Nat’l competency model, and board roles and responsibilities including fiduciary      responsibilities.
    •    Review CARE requirements



    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 1/23/2018

Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Association for Talent Development Copyright 2018

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