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COC-ATD  Board Minutes

  • 02 May 2019 8:28 AM | Susan Donnelly (Administrator)



    April 2019 Board Minutes.pdf 









    Board Meeting Minutes

    April 29, 2019






    Date & Time: Monday, April 29, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

    Location: St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church 5635 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74136


    Call Meeting to Order

                 Meeting called to order by Betty Merritt at 5:49 pm

    Roll Call

           Roll Call performed by Betty Merritt      

           Board members in attendance:

    o   Betty Merritt, President

    o   Joy Dyer, President Elect

    o   Paula Hanger, Director of Finance

    o   Marina Knoll, VP of Finance

    o   Jeremiah Shaw, VP of Programs

    o   BJ Glover, VP of Outreach and Volunteer Development

    o   Susan Donnelly, VP of Communications

           Betty Merritt declared a quorum present.


    • ·         Review 2019 Goals


           Financial Reports for 2019 YTD Review

      BJ Glover Motion to move to credit union. Paula Hanger 2nd, APPROVED

      Susan will send list of requirements to open the account.

           Recommend to look into secure wifi hotspot for events for credit card security.


           Proposal for a 6 month prepay for six programs. If we canceled, member could attend the following meeting.

      Jeremiah motioned, BJ 2nd APPROVED

           Create a member only section on website.

      Upload available presentations from speakers when available.

    Community Connection

    • ·         YTD Events
    • o   Clothing Drive
    • o   Donated Food
    • o   Volunteer Shared Tree
    • ·         Next Event Cristo Rey will be scheduled in volunteer in October.


    Programming Scheduled up to August.

    ·          Identify other possible venues for both monthly and biannual event.

    ·          Check on OKC Health Department Facility.  


    ·         Feedback on President’s Newsletter.

    • ·         Contact List is on the site.

    ·         Finalize Marketing Plan for 2019

    • ·         Social Media LinkedIn account created.

    2019 Board Plans

    ·         Discuss board member terms.

    • ·         The director of finance position will need to be filled the following year.

    Adjourn Meeting

                  Meeting adjourned by Merritt at 7:42 pm.

    Year to Date Financials

  • 11 Feb 2019 12:05 PM | Susan Donnelly (Administrator)


    January 12, 2019


    9:00 AM


    2:45 PM



    Call to Order

    COCATD January Board Meeting

    Attendee Names

    Betty Merritt, Joy Dryer, BJ Glover, Paula Hanger, Marina Knoll, Macy Garcia, Jeremiah Shaw, Susan Donnelly, Jodi Hinkle, Carrie Folger, Kyle Suchy, Michael Dickerson,

    Attendees Not Present

    o   NA

    Approval of Previous Minutes

    December Board Meeting minutes approved.

    2018 Slate approved:

    ·         President: Betty Merritt, Integris

    ·         President-elect: Joy Dyer, OKC Thunder

    ·         VP Communications: Susan Donnelly, ODMHSAS

    ·         VP Finance: Paula Hanger, Moore Norman Technology Center

    ·         Director of Finance: Marina Knoll, INTEGRIS

    ·         VP Marketing: Marcy Garcia, Integris

    ·         VP Membership: Carrie Folger, Goodwill Industries

    ·         VP Programming: Jeremiah Shaw, Strata Leadership

    ·         VP Technology: Jodi Hinkle, Jodie Hinkle Design

    ·         Director of Technology: Michael Dickerson, ODMHSAS

    ·         VP of Outreach and Volunteer Development, BJ Glover, Learning Consultant

    ·         Past-President/Advisor: Kyle Suchy, OMES


    ·         The transition from PayPal to Wild Apricot (WA) for payment. – motioned, voted and approved immediately following the February meeting.

    ·         QuickBooks purchased, transitioning from excel to QB cloud software – motioned, voted and approved

    ·         First time member free (or it has been a while) – motioned, voted and approved

    ·         Model Tulsa’s registration model add student – motioned, voted and approved

    ·         Put sponsorship options on the website – motioned, voted and approved

    ·         Google Docs as COCATD repository – Motioned, Voted and approved

    New Business - Actions taken or agreed to be taken

    Coordinate one volunteer opportunity per quarter alternating between donation of time, money, or resource. Plan in place by 1/28/2019

    Student Chapter Communication by 1/28/2019

    Add student model to website

    Add sponsor options on website

    Add new corporate membership

    President commitment to prepare a pre agenda for our monthly meeting.

    Reestablish the PO Box by 1/28/2019

    Create marketing and process for new members, including new attendee packet, and new member packet.

    Create marketing literature on benefits of COCATD

    Design 1st time cards

    Revamp local mem brochure

    Research new bank/credit union - March 11th

    Conference Committee selected - by the Mid-year of 2019 - 6/30/2019

    Gifting a book (learning resource) at each event.

    Transition homepage to Homestead style.

    Next Meeting

    March 7, 2019, 5:30 PM


    2:45 PM

    VP Communications APPROVAL:

    Susan Donnelly, January 25, 2019

    President APPROVAL:

    Betty Merritt, January 25, 2019

  • 22 Jan 2019 2:36 PM | Anonymous



    Call to Order

    • §  COCATD December Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Lynn Knight, Kyle Suchy, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Beverly Glover, Macy Garcia
    • §  Attendees Not Present
    • o   Joy Dyer

    Approval of Previous Minutes
    10/23/2017 Quarterly Board Meeting minutes approved.

    2018 Slate approved:

    • ·       President: Brent Rempe, WEOKIE Credit Union
    • ·       President-elect: Betty Merritt, INTEGRIS
    • ·       VP Communications (Secretary): Marina Knoll, INTEGRIS
    • ·       VP Finance (Treasurer): Paula Hanger, Moore Norman Technology Center
    • ·       VP Marketing: Lynn Knight, Workday
    • ·       VP Membership: Carrie Folger, Goodwill Industries
    • ·       VP Programming: Joy Dyer, OKC Thunder
    • ·       VP Technology: Jodi Hinkle, Sandridge Energy
    • ·       Director of Technology: Macy Garcia, University of Central Oklahoma
    • ·       Director at Large/Conference Committee: BJ Glover, Learning Consultant
    • ·       Director at Large/Conference Committee: Lisa DelCol, OG&E
    • ·       Past-President/Advisor: Kyle Suchy, Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Service

    New Business
    Tech/Website working session:

    • ·       Use as model for website
    • ·       6 core tabs for our website:
    • 1.     Home
    • 2.     About ATD OKC
    • 3.     Membership
    •                                                     i.     Prospective
    •                                                    ii.     Existing
    • 4.     Events/location
    • 5.     Opportunities
    • 6.     Sponsors
    •                                                     i.     Consultant directory?

    Other Business
    Continue to use WildApricot for membership dues online payment compatibility


    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 1/16/2018

  • 28 Sep 2018 1:20 PM | Anonymous



    Thursday, Sept 20


    05:30 PM


    3520 NW 58th St A-100


    Call to Order

    • §  ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Macy Garcia, Betty Merritt, Kyle Suchy, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, Beverly Glover
    • §  Attendees Not Present
    • o   Brent Rempe, Lynn Knight, Paula Hanger

    Approval of Previous Minutes
    No previous minutes

    Betty/Macy - ALC Conference up to now

    Finances – Paula provided Financial report



    2019 Slate  Betty Proposed, Jodi seconded, board approved.

    President – Betty Merritt

    President Elect – Joy Dyer

    Past President – Kyle Suchy

    VP Finance – Marina Knoll

    Director Finance – Paula Hanger

    VP Technology – Jodi Hinkle

    VP Membership – Carrie Folger

    VP Talent Management/Volunteers – BJ Glover

    VP Communication – Susan Donnelly

    VP Programming – Jeremiah Shaw

    Director Technology – Michael Dickerson

    Buying of trail mix for swag bag

    BJ proposed, Macy seconded, board approved

    New Business
    After hours gatherings i.e. brewery tours; Thunder night

    Other Business
    Board transparency – State of the Board report at member meetings

    Meeting locations discussion

              Based on member survey – Two locations chosen for 2019



    (Signature & Date)Marina Knoll


  • 27 Aug 2018 2:30 PM | Anonymous


    Integris Human Resources


    Call to Order

    §  ATD Board Meeting

    §  Attendee Names

    Betty Merritt, Marina Knoll, Macy Garcia, BJ Glover, Joy Dyer, Jodi Hinkle

    §  Members Not Present

    Carrie Folger, Paula Hanger, Kyle Suchy




           Stuffing party - BJ to plan

           Trail mix ~$200


           Macy moved to vote to approve trail mix

           Betty seconded

           All approved

           BJ to order water bottles/labels

           Food - Betty

           Lunch - Ted’s

           Breakfast - Panera

           Snack - Panera


           Committee lead - Jeremiah

           Sponsor price sheet

           Sponsor marketing flyer

           Deadline for accepting sponsors - mid to late October


           150 Programs - BJ to contact

           Signs for each room and speaker - Macy



           Breakouts (6 including keynote)

           Rapid Fires (6) - TBD

           Jodi - eLearning


           BJ moved to vote to approve speakers

           Macy seconded

           All approve


           Come back to big room

           At least 3 microphones

           Put questions in a bowl during snack break

           Plant questions/audience members

    Other Business

            Social Media

           Set up new Facebook - Macy


           LinkedIn - Jodi

           Joy to research locations for Conference Networking Event

           Brent has resigned; Betty acting as Board President

           Revamp monthly surveys




    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 8/27/2018

  • 17 May 2018 5:05 PM | Anonymous


    Call to Order

    • §  ATD Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Carrie Folger, BJ Glover, Macy Garcia, Marina Knoll
    • §  Members Not Present
    • o   Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Joy Dyer, Paula Hangar, Kyle Suchy Lynn Knight



    • ·       RFP Collection (Macy)
    • ·       Collateral (Jodi/Macy)
    • ·       SWAG (BJ) – pending logo
    • BJ presented SWAG package for $3,897.53
      • Brent – Motion to approve SWAG, Betty seconded, ALL APPROVE!
      • BJ to put together final quote/proof
    • ·       Other updates

    Theme – Modern Art Theme

    Registration opens end of May (tentative)

              Betty/Paula to set up payment process

    CARE Discussion—Betty 

    • ·       CARE requirements distributed/assigned to members
    • Membership—Carrie
      • 35 joint members out of 79 total members
      • Email sent out to dormant members
    •  Technology—Macy
      • Members only page ready for initiation
      • Macy and Marina to meet about Members Only Page
    • Finance—Betty
      • Making transition to WildApricot payment system from PayPal
      • Transitioning to Gmail accounts for board members
      • Big orgs renewing employee memberships: OMES, OU
      • 31,000 down from 34,000
    • Outreach—BJ
      • Macy or Betty will send Logo to BJ
      • CEO (Center for Employment Opportunities) will collect Men’s clothing
        • BJ to send blurb to Macy
      • July 17 – ATD for high schoolers
        • BJ to send details to Brent
    • Communication—Marina
      • Marina will resend out Blogpost rotation schedule
      • Lisa’s blogpost in save-the-date email (send to Macy)




    Before Sept 1


    Sept 1-Oct 31


    Nov 1 and after

    See SWAG section

    Other Business

    New Board Member timeline (actionable goals)

              Carrie to put together timeline for timeline

    Website How-To

    Board Member Contacts (buddies)


    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 5/22/2018

  • 28 Feb 2018 6:30 PM | Anonymous


    Call to Order

    • §  ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, Carrie Folger, Paula Hanger, Macy Garcia, Kyle Suchy
    • §  Members Not Present
    • o   Lynn Knight, BJ Glover


    • Membership—Carrie
      • New meeting location (NW Library) brought new faces to ATD
      • Currently 46 power members
    • Technology—Jodi/Macy
      • See New Business section
      • Website looks GOOD!
    • Programming—Joy
      • March--Amy Morgan--Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
      • April--Michael Dickerson
      • May--Donna Renda
      • Offer headshots or other benefits for speakers?
    • Finance—Paula
      • Update on monthly fees
      • Upcoming expenses: WildApricot and Taxes
    • Marketing--Brent on behalf of Lynn
      • Sponsoring luncheons, booth setup at lunch meetings
    • Outreach—Brent on behalf of Beverly
      • Volunteer page on website--organizations that align with our mission
      • Interview apparel clothing drive
    • Communication—Marina
      • Update on annual report
      • Monthly blog posts instead of newsletter--all board members to contribute (rotate)
    • Conference—Lisa
      • Keynote feedback--Betsy Allen Manning leading
      • Online RFP forms for breakouts
      • Swag--BJ and Macy
    • CARE--Brent & Betty
      • Submitted 2017 CARE package; will get score within next few weeks

    Brent motioned to vote to approve budget. Lisa seconded that motion. All approved.

    New Business

    • Betty & Carrie to meet to go over online membership interface
    • Carrie & Joy to produce power membership pamphlets/welcome packets
    • Jodi & Macy to change login icon on website
    • Jodi to add board page to about us page
    • GoDaddy--change email links for board members
    • Look into social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…)

    Other Business

    Brent/Kyle requested polling the Conference Committee members for their input on keynote candidates.       


    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 2/27/2018

  • 23 Jan 2018 4:40 PM | Anonymous


    Call to Order

    • §  ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
    • §  Attendee Names
    • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Lynn Knight, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, BJ Glover, Carrie Folger, Paula Hanger, Macy Garcia
    • §  Members Not Present
    • o   Kyle Suchy

    Lynn—motioned to vote on approval of 2018 budget; BJ seconded the motion.

              Vote—all approved 2018 budget.

    Lisa—motioned to nominate herself as VP of Conference Committee; BJ seconded the motion.

              Vote—all approved Lisa as VP of Conference Committee.

    BJ—motioned to nominate herself as a “special projects VP” – VP of Outreach; Lisa seconded the motion.

              Vote—all approved BJ as VP of Outreach – roles/responsibilities to be written.

    Brent—motioned to vote to raise price at door for nonregistered attendees to $35; BJ seconded the motion.


    Betty—motioned to vote to raise non-member price to $25; no second (tabled).

    New Business

    •       Brent presented the operational plan for 2018
    •      Assignment: each member will write at least 2 goals and a list of action items for themselves.
    •       Betty presented 2018 budget plan; approved (see vote).

    Other Business

    •    Review of ATD bylaws, ATD Nat’l competency model, and board roles and responsibilities including fiduciary      responsibilities.
    •    Review CARE requirements



    (Signature & Date)

    Marina Knoll 1/23/2018

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