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February 2018 Board Minutes

28 Feb 2018 6:30 PM | Anonymous


Call to Order

  • §  ATD Quarterly Board Meeting
  • §  Attendee Names
  • o   Brent Rempe, Betty Merritt, Jodi Hinkle, Lisa DelCol, Marina Knoll, Joy Dyer, Carrie Folger, Paula Hanger, Macy Garcia, Kyle Suchy
  • §  Members Not Present
  • o   Lynn Knight, BJ Glover


  • Membership—Carrie
    • New meeting location (NW Library) brought new faces to ATD
    • Currently 46 power members
  • Technology—Jodi/Macy
    • See New Business section
    • Website looks GOOD!
  • Programming—Joy
    • March--Amy Morgan--Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    • April--Michael Dickerson
    • May--Donna Renda
    • Offer headshots or other benefits for speakers?
  • Finance—Paula
    • Update on monthly fees
    • Upcoming expenses: WildApricot and Taxes
  • Marketing--Brent on behalf of Lynn
    • Sponsoring luncheons, booth setup at lunch meetings
  • Outreach—Brent on behalf of Beverly
    • Volunteer page on website--organizations that align with our mission
    • Interview apparel clothing drive
  • Communication—Marina
    • Update on annual report
    • Monthly blog posts instead of newsletter--all board members to contribute (rotate)
  • Conference—Lisa
    • Keynote feedback--Betsy Allen Manning leading
    • Online RFP forms for breakouts
    • Swag--BJ and Macy
  • CARE--Brent & Betty
    • Submitted 2017 CARE package; will get score within next few weeks

Brent motioned to vote to approve budget. Lisa seconded that motion. All approved.

New Business

  • Betty & Carrie to meet to go over online membership interface
  • Carrie & Joy to produce power membership pamphlets/welcome packets
  • Jodi & Macy to change login icon on website
  • Jodi to add board page to about us page
  • GoDaddy--change email links for board members
  • Look into social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…)

Other Business

Brent/Kyle requested polling the Conference Committee members for their input on keynote candidates.       


(Signature & Date)

Marina Knoll 2/27/2018

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