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Monthly Meeting Resources

  • 11 Feb 2021 11:41 AM | Macy Garcia (Administrator)

    Did you miss our 11 February event? No worries! You can check out our video recordings for the event. Also checkout the powerpoint presentations attached.

    Webex event recording: Central Oklahoma -Unleash Your Potential with the ATD Talent Development Capability Model – Your Blueprint for Success Part I

    Recording link: https://atdlearn.webex.com/atdlearn/lsr.php?RCID=f30b037dd6eb40a384d249be9575f208 

    Webex event recording: Central Oklahoma - Meeting Your Needs for the Future of Work – ATD Talent Development Capability Model – Part II

    Recording link: https://atdlearn.webex.com/atdlearn/lsr.php?RCID=af1f9dbcaf5341dca08ca2517be9204f

    Powerpoint presentation links: 

    ATD Central Oklahoma Chapter Part 1.pdf

    ATD Central Oklahoma Part II 2021.02 FINAL.pdf

  • 09 Oct 2019 1:25 PM | Macy Garcia (Administrator)

    PowerPoint Presentation: Training Analytics- COCATD.pptx

    Training Analytics

    Return on Investment (ROI) is a term that is commonly used in the training world, more commonly used than it is measured. ROI studies are hard to do, and in some cases, it is like running a social science longitudinal study. Many times, ROI is not feasible, practical, or necessary. In this session, we will discuss real world training analytics to show the value of our training programs. The session will use a case study to engage key concepts and the facilitator will share personal testimony of some practical ways she has shown the value of training programs without running full-blow ROI studies.

    Stephanie Lewis is currently the Senior Manager of Organizational Development for Cytovance Biologics in Oklahoma City. She has served in various roles within the area of organizational development over the past 20 years. She has lead learning and development functions in such industries as finance, mortgage servicing, oil and gas and pharmaceutical manufacturing. She holds a Master’s in Intercultural Communication from the University of New Mexico and continues to be an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Key words that ignite her passions are faith, family, self-reflection, development, transformation, perspective, communication, facilitation, and results. These concepts manifest themselves in many ways in her life and work

  • 10 May 2019 11:20 AM | Macy Garcia (Administrator)

    PowerPoint Presentation: Modern Board Games Training.pptx

    Integrating Modern Board Games into Training and Development

    Are you looking for some fresh activities to get your audience engaged and excited about the class, training or team-building session you are facilitating?

    Do you find yourself using the same types of classroom games like Jeopardy, Kahoot! and Family Feud? Or do you just want to learn about the huge resurgence of board games across the world?

    During this session, you will learn how you can utilize modern board games for the training and development of your staff and teams. Board games have made a huge comeback over the past few years. Just last year alone, over 1,000 new board games were released. Come learn how these new and innovative board games can be integrated into your classrooms, team-building exercises and meetings. Using board games, you can boost engagement in your class, increase retention of the knowledge and incorporate fun into your presentations.

    Aaron Frias, SPHR, M.Ed.

    Aaron Frias has over 20 years of experience working in Human Resources. He currently specializes in HR technology as the Supervisor of HRIS and HR Analytics at Continental Resources. He has also been in leadership roles in Recruitment, Benefits, Compensation, Diversity and Payroll. Aaron has his undergrad degree in Management of Information Systems (MIS) and his graduate degree in Adult Education with an emphasis on Corporate Training.

    Along with his background in Human Resources, he is also an avid board gamer and amateur board game designer. Aaron is the social media coordinator for the Oklahoma Board Game Community and author of the book “How to Create Your First Board Game”.

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